S02 E03: How to Pray for Your Children - and people important to you!

About this Episode

In this episode we feature our first guests! And they are men!! Jake Khym and Chris Benzinger join us as we delve into how to pray for your children, the blessing of their hearts and the hope we have for those whom God has placed in our lives. They not only capture how to father your children well, but also how to live as a child of God.

One Thing We Love This Week:

Group Questions

  1. How does the truth of living as a daughter/son of God the Father change how you experience His love?

  2. How can you pray differently for your children or those who God has entrusted to you?

Journaling Questions

  1. How can I let the Father's love into my heart in a deeper way?

  2. What are the "secrets" that you desire God the Father to speak to you heart?

  3. If you're a parent, what are the "secrets" about their worth and identity do you need to speak to your children?

Quotes to Ponder

Your children’s ‘little eyes’ gradually memorize and interpret with the heart that faith is one of the greatest inheritances you have received from your parents and ancestors…. and if you hand on the faith and live it well, that is where the transmission happens.
— Pope Francis