S02 E06: Breakthrough vs Breakdown

About this Episode

In this episode we talk about how breakdown can lead to breakthrough if we allow God to enter into our pain. Join us as we discuss how to grow in deeper intimacy with God and experience healing and restoration.

One Thing We Love This Week:

  • Heather's one thing - "No Longer Slaves"

  • Michelle's one thing - fall weather and green and white pumpkins

  • Sr. Miriam's One Thing - St. Hildegard poem

Holy Life-Giver Doctor of the desperate. Healer of everyone broken past hope, Medicine for all wounds, Fire of love, Joy of Hearts, fragrant Strength sparking Fountain, Protector, Penetrator, in You we contemplate how God goes looking for those who are lost and reconciles those who are at odds with Him Break our chains!

You bring people together. You curl clouds, whirl winds, send rain on rocks, sing in creeks, and turn the lush earth green. You teach those who listen, breathing joy and wisdom into them.

We praise You for these gifts, Light-giver, Sound of joy, Wonder of being alive, Hope of every person, and our strongest Good.

Group Questions

  1. What does freedom look like?

  2. What comes to mind when you read this scripture, “Let the weak say, “I am a warrior!”

  3. Have you ever approached God as if He was more like as if He was more like a fairy godmother than a loving Father?

Journal Questions

  1. Where might God “putting His finger” into a wound in your life so that he can bring breakthrough?

  2. What is one practical way I can begin the journey from breakdown to breakthrough?

Quote to Ponder

In my deepest wound I saw Your glory, and it dazzled me
— St. Augustine
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