S03 E05: Life of the Beloved - Introduction and Prologue (Part 1)

About this Episode

In this episode we begin our Lenten book study of “Life of the Beloved by Henri Nouwen. We begin with an introduction of who Henri Nouwen is and the Prologue.

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One Thing We Love This Week:

Discussion Questions:

  1. Mark 10:21 says “He was moved for compassion for him” Has there been a time when God put someone on your heart to journey with them?

  2. Have there been dreams in your life that you have surrendered that God may want to resurrect?

  3. Do you have someone in your life to help you midwife your dreams? Could you offer that to someone in your life?

Journal Questions:

  1. Where are you settling in your life for less than what God desires for you?

  2. What is life all about? Why do you do what you do?

  3. Was there one quote or phrase that stood out to you from this chapter?

Quote to Ponder:

“Your story, is the story with which you can come to know God’s story better, and it is his story that makes your story worth living.”