S03 E11: Life of the Beloved - Given (Part 7)

About this Episode

In this weeks podcast we reflect on the next chapter in Life of the Beloved, “Given”. We talk about the greatest gift we can offer another is not our talents, but our very selves. This allows for the deep connection and intimacy we all long for, but to give ourselves we need to first possess ourselves and know our identity as beloved.

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One Thing We Love This Week:

Discussion Questions:    

  1. When faced with an opportunity to give to another, we often will count the cost. What are the things that make you turn down opportunities to offer yourself to others?

  2. What are the gifts that you receive when you are willing to share your life with others?

  3. What are specific ways you can go beyond offering your talents to people, to giving of yourself?

Journal Questions:

  1. How do I live like an orphan in regards to giving?

  2. In what relationships do I take more than I give? How can I practically begin to change this dynamic in those relationships and offer more to the other?

  3. Judgement of others can often cause us to pull away from people, but when we remember we are loving Christ when we love that person it changes us. Who in your life can you do a better job of loving today?

Quote to Ponder:

“Our real gift is not so much what we can do, but who we are” - Henri Nouwen