S03 E18: The Holy Spirit w/ Fr. Dave Pivonka

About this Episode

As we approach Pentecost this week, we thought it would be awesome to have a conversation about the Holy Spirit with Fr. Dave Pivonka TOR. Fr. Dave created the “Wild Goose” project with 4PM Media and has a deep devotion to the Holy Spirit. We had the pleasure of hearing Fr. Dave’s story and chatted with him about how to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit and practical ways to open our hearts to a new Pentecost in our own hearts. We were moved and inspired by this conversation and hope that you will be too. You can check out the free Wild Goose Series

One Thing We Love This Week:

Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you ever pondered the idea that the Holy Spirit never leaves us? Discuss how this truth could change the experience of how you go through daily life?

  2. Scripture says, “where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom”. What area do you need the Holy Spirit to bring freedom to in your life right now?

  3. How are you going to prepare for a deeper encounter with the Holy Spirit as we approach Pentecost this Sunday?

Journal Questions:

  1. How could you open your heart to the Holy Spirit in a deeper way this Pentecost?

  2. Fire illuminates what we cannot see. Take some time to pray for the Holy Spirit to come and illuminate those areas in your heart?

  3. Fr. Dave said that free people make the world nervous. How would your life look differently if you truly lived in freedom?

Quote to Ponder:

"The Holy Spirit brings people into divine life as children of God where they can live, as true children, in a relationship of intimacy, freedom, and faith in the love and mercy of God." - Pope Francis