S06 E01: A Call To Holiness

About this episode

Welcome to Season 6! To kick off our new season, we dive in deep and talk about how we are all called to live a life of holiness. We discuss that in the midst of difficulty all around us, we are called to pursue a disciplined spiritual life and live radical holiness. We also talk about the tension between accepting our weakness, but not justifying our sin. The truth is that we have to be willing to go down to the depths, so that God can truly raise us from the dead to new life.

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Discussion questions:  

  1. What decisions do you need to make in this season to grow in holiness?

  2. How does our Catholic theology move from understanding to becoming an everyday reality for you and your family?

  3. What is one area that you need to grow in discipline and self control that will lead to a good fruit in your life?

  4. What is holding you back from going “all the way down” to the depths of your own heart, where we need to experience the power of the Holy Spirit and His freedom?

  5. What would be your theme song right now in this season of life?

Journal Questions:

  1. Try to journal out a spiritual plan for this year. What are the main areas that you want to focus on? What places of laziness, hardness of heart, discipline, do you want to grow in?

  2. What is one relationship you are struggling with that you need to ask yourself, “how can I respond in love to this person”?

  3. What is one sin that you try to justify in your life? How can you surrender this to God and the power of His grace today?

  4. What are some survival techniques that have helped you to get through previous seasons, but are not going to work for you in this new season?

Quote to Ponder:

“instead of viewing your poverty as a handicap, and obstacle, accept it and welcome it as a grace” - Jesus to St. Thérèse (from The Way of Trust and Love)

Scripture for Lectio Divina - 2 Corinthians 12:9

“But he said to me “My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness.” So, I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may dwell in me.”

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