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S06 E02: Words Have Power

In this episode we talk about how words have incredible power to either bless or curse, to build up or tear down. We talk about how social media can be a place of connection, but also a place where we quickly forget to treat people with dignity. The truth that our words have power to restore, heal, be prophetic is something that can challenge us to be more discerning about how we speak and take the lead by being people who bless others.

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Season 6, PodcastsRebecca Loomis
S06 E01: A Call To Holiness

To kick off our new season, we dive in deep and talk about how we are all called to live a life of holiness. We discuss that in the midst of difficulty all around us, we are called to pursue a disciplined spiritual life and live radical holiness. We also talk about the tension between accepting our weakness, but not justifying our sin. The truth is that we have to be willing to go down to the depths, so that God can truly raise us from the dead to new life.

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Podcasts, Season 6Rebecca Loomis